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We are the point of contact for people interested in starting a business, supporting and coaching you in all phases – for free.

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Why us.

In addition to individual support and startup consulting, you gain access to our network of startups, promoters, consultants, investors,
and much more.

What we do.



You want to start a business, but you have no idea yet? Develop your concept together with our consultants and take the first step towards self-employment.



You want to start your business or have already started one, but lack the know-how in certain fields, such as business modelling, finance, law, prototyping, website, marketing, design, etc.? No worries, our consultants will support you.



We offer free events on a regular basis such as design workshops, hackathons, startup talks and many more. Future founders receive comprehensive and individual support when it comes to implementing their own idea.


„I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.“

-Elon Musk-

Our Clients.

Help for self-help and much more… Competence meets experience & cordiality! Here you will get an insane added value for you and your business! I have already attended 2 workshops to use WordPress even more efficiently, among other things. I was and still am so excited about everything you have to offer! Clear recommendation – Definitely get in touch for a consultation.

Kristina Aulbach, Ganzheitliche Gesundheitsberatung: Ayurveda & mehr!

Through cooperation, we were able to get valuable advice and insights, especially in the first steps of starting a business. The events and special advice are very useful and targeted for founders.


“Super team, great workshops & exceptionally competent advice, in any field!”

Jana Grunwald

The competent and individual advice provided by the qualified employees helps enormously, especially during the first steps of setting up a business. Be it through useful criticism or suggestions for improvement, here one is supported in word and deed. But it’s not just the consulting work that is to be praised, the events that take place time and again and the funding opportunities should not be forgotten.

Marco Schieck, Tutor4u

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You are a student at TH-AB? Then visit us also at venture-lab.de

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